Will Ferguson, co-founder and CEO of USATalk, technology leader involved in numerous successful startups, on eight patents in machine learning solutions

Adolf G. Gundersen, co-founder of USATalk, VP & Research Dir. at Interactivity Foundation, Ph.D., Political Science, co-author of Let’s Talk Politics: Restoring Civility through Exploratory

Sean Van Tyne, contributor at USATalk, User Experience (UX) and Product Management Expert consultant, author of Easy to Use 2.0: User Experience in Agile Development

John Thomas, contributor at USATalk, expert in social computing, user experience, and creative problem solving. At IBM Research, John worked in human-computer interaction, computer mediated communication, natural language communication, and the psychology of design

David Fogel, advisor to USATalk, artificial intelligence pioneer, Ph.D., three decades of experience in real-world applications of AI, including industry, medicine, finance, and sentiment analysis

Sorin Adam Matei, advisor to USATalk, Communications Professor, Purdue University, studies the relationship between information technology and social structures.  His teaching portfolio includes social media analytics, online interaction and facilitation, and global social media research.

Larry Sanger, advisor to USATalk, co-founder of Wikipedia, former consultant to Ballotpedia, innovator, startup principal, Ph.D. Philosophy